Dolphin Super B connectors are some of the best wire crimps in the low voltage world. They offer unparalleled connections without having to strip the wires. A unique wide “funnel-entry” provides easy wire insertion when using multiple wires, and helps eliminate wire hang-up. A series of razor sharp teeth deliver a secure contact and pierce through the wire jack, eliminating the need to pre strip your wires. The Super B connectors are available in two “flavors”: a plain crimp, perfect for indoor use (white); and a sealant filled crimp, ideal for high moisture location or out doors (blue). The special formulated sealant provides a non-curing, moisture barrier that will not corrode, or flow out of the connector. Available in 100 or 1000 packs. Wire capacity: 4 #24 AWG (Insulated wires) 4 #22 AWG (Insulated wires) 3 #20 AWG (Insulated wires) 3 #18 AWG (Insulated wires) 3 #16 AWG (Stripped wires) • Save time and money • Solid, dependable connections every time • No need to strip wires • Easy “Funnel-entry” design • Available with a sealant for out door use

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